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North Branch Networks (NBN) was formed in 2004 by the principals of North Branch Consulting Group, LLC, and Grip Contracting to provide high speed Internet access to unserved and underserved Vermont communities. The principals and advisers have extensive experience in computer network administration, wireless implementation, project management, construction and alternative energy, and policy. The principals of NBN have experience and are qualified in several wireless platforms, including Alvarion, Trango, Tranzeo, Motorola and Ubiquiti, to name a few, and are proficient in wireless propagation mapping, and network design, implementation, and management.

NBN designed and shepherded the development of the Ripton Broadband Cooperative network (RBC) and arranged financing for its implementation through several public agencies including the Vermont Broadband Council, the Vermont Economic Development Authority, and the Addison County Economic Development Corporation. It has continued to participate in State of Vermont efforts to coordinate and enable broadband deployment through the Vermont Telecommunications Authority, and worked with key in-State partners for technology and information sharing, bandwidth backhaul alternatives, and joint initiatives. NBN is a participating member of the national Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA).

While expansion has been delayed in recent years by the the economic downturn, and the uncertainty caused by confusing public policy, The North Branch business plan calls for a rollout of wireless access to most of Addison County and beyond in the next 18-24 months, which will substantially add to existing coverage. NBN is always exploring options for new possibilities for expansion of service and aggressively pursuing technological advances and improvements in service offerings.

North Branch is supported by an Advisory Board of key stakeholders from the community.


North Branch Networks was conceived by long-time Addison County residents to enable rural Vermonters fully engage in the wider world of information, commerce, technology and education with minimal impact on the beauty and environmental integrity of Vermont. It proposes to do this by finding creative, affordable, and low impact solutions to provide high speed Internet access to Vermont residents, businesses, and schools. At the same time, NBN endeavors to make its network second to none in terms of quality and reliability, supported by sound business practice.

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